In Memory of Gannies Shunshine

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In Memory of Gannies Shunshine

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In Memory of my Grandson Josh ... (Gannies Shunshine)
Born 20th July 1992
Died 7th September 1995

Gannies Sunshine
I was as proud as any Mum could be
When told a Gran I was going to be.
Was on 20th July Nineteen ninety two
I first held him & listened to him coo.
He was his Gannies Gorgeous boy
Nothing he did could me annoy.

Many happy hours together we spent
A washing line & sheet was his tent
He was often there just by my side
As I walked, worked or took a ride.
‘You are my Sunshine’ was our song,
That we sang as we went along.

But something I did not know
To be a man I’d not see him grow
Instead of money for his future to save
I’d spend it on flowers to put on his grave
Fourteen years it is since he did depart
But he will always live on in my heart.

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Re: In Memory of Gannies Shunshine

Post by CarolB »

Children are God's little Angels :angc

My thoughts for you and the family ((hugs))

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Re: In Memory of Gannies Shunshine

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