East Sussex Sentences of Transportations at Quarter Sessions

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East Sussex Sentences of Transportations at Quarter Sessions

PostAuthor: Stu in Hastings » Sat Jul 12, 2008 12:06 am

The sentences, in the namebase, are only sentences, the actual number transported could be a lot different.
It was quite often the case before 1835, transportees may have served their time on prison hulks or prisons in this country (England) transportation depending on the pressure for space, and character, behaviour & previous convictions of the prisoners.

Of the transportees, 827 in total, the following is the break down.
Women, 7.9%
Under 15, 8%
Under 25, 59%
Over 41, 14.4%
The youngest, a boy of 9. (Edwin ROBINSON)
The eldest, a man of 72. (Charles HARDY. aka HARDING)

The places listed are usually the place where the crime took place, rather than that of residence.

It was quite common for the occupation 'labourer' to be pre-written on to the indictment forms even before the identity of the prisoner was known, so don't be suprised if you find out a different occupation in your research.
Women were described usually according to marital status, i.e. married or single.

The majority of cases consisted of larceny (96.5%) other crimes are shown separately, which include receiving, fraud, embezzlement, false pretences.

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