The Skinner family

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Re: The Skinner family

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Henry Gillies Family Tree
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Henry Plummer Skinner
Birth 1834
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Parents & Siblings
Thomas Skinner (1811-)

Ann Steadman (1813-)

Elizabeth Margaret Skinner (1836-)

Mary Ann Skinner (1838-)

Thomas Skinner (1841-1841)

Samuel Skinner (1844-)

Spouse & Children
Maria Bullen (1857-)

Nora Skinner (1882-)

Henry Skinner (1883-)

Harriet Esther Skinner (1885-)

Jubillee Margaret Skinner (1887-)

Samuel Thomas Skinner (1888-)

Frank Skinner (1891-)

Frederick Skinner (1896-)

William Skinner (1897-)

Spouse & Children
Mary Ann Griffiths (1835-)

No Children
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Re: The Skinner family

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Hi Dizzi. It looks like the problem with the name change has been
The lady who's family it is bought a couple of certificates, and with

the ones available online with actual signatures, we have comared
the different signatures and come to the conclusion that it was Samuel
who married Maria Bullen. He changed his name to Samuel Henry
because he was still married to Sarah.

Henry Plumers wife was in a lunatic asylum also.

Thanks for your help with this family, it is much appreciated.
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