MY NAN 1912-1999

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MY NAN 1912-1999

PostAuthor: Lorraine » Mon Oct 29, 2007 7:40 am

Happy Birthday Nan.

Thinking of you always, miss you so much.

Before sunrise
After twilight,
It blooms in darkness
Black as night

The petals are soft,
Its stem is strong;
The thorns are sharp,
And its life is long

Adored by all,
Wanted by many
Yet so alone,
It felt simply empty

It's life: immortal,
Its dreams: dead
It's patience worn down,
Till thin as thread

It waits and waits
Till it withers away,
But that will never happen,
At least, not today

The pain it must endure:
Yet still, no one knows
Always, it will live on,
The Forever Rose

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