Australian BDM's

Please supply as much information as you have.
If you are replying and got the information of the web please could you give them copy right info at the bottom of your post.
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Australian BDM's

PostAuthor: Tony Oz » Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:34 pm

I carry most ( not all ) Australian BDM cd's, and willing to do look-ups
for people who are currently researching Australian links to their families from O/seas. I have listed ( below ) what BDM's for Australia i currently have. If i cant help you myself personally, i can however suggest certain Aussie Web sites that may help. My Computer holds over 500 Links to Australian Genealogy Web sites throughout the Country, plus shipping,Convict and War service online nominal rolls. Australia differs from the U.K on what is seachable online, as it has adopted the 100 year old privacy law, and different parts of our Country vary from State to State in what is accessible to the general public and what is not. In the past, Census data in Australia was destroyed after numeration, after our Government has taken what information it needs from our Census. It has been only the last two Census taken, that the people of Australia were given the option to Archive there Census data. I do however carry one very early Census on cd. ( a rarity ) 1828 Census of N.S.W ( New South Wales ) Mostly free settlers and Convicts, but they are an asset to people who may have had early convict links to Aus.

I am only to happy to assist anyone with a genuine question to what might be found regarding Aussie links, but cannot promise to supply every BDM query with a positive.

Australia is a big Country, ( 7,692,024 km2 )even though its population is only approx 21million.

Australia is divided by States and Territories,
States: New South Wales....Victoria.....Queensland........South Australia......Western Australia.......Tasmania.
Territories: A.C.T ( Australian Capital Territory )....N.T Northern Territory.

W.A ( Western Australia.) alone, is the largest State in Australia and is approx the same size as Western Europe.

Some Australian BDM's are also broken into era's.
Pioneer 1788 to 1888
Federation 1889 to 1901
Edwardian 1902 to 1913
Great War 1914 to 1920

Although there were other Ports operating, there were 4 major ports for incoming in the early years.

Sydney ( N.S.W ) Port Jackson
Melbourne ( Victoria ) Port Phillip
Fremantle ( W.A ) Situated at the mouth of the Swan River.
Hobart .....Tasmania’s capital city. ( Some early records might show Tasmania as V.D.L ( Van Diemen's Land )

Please remember that recorded Birth ,Deaths and Marriages were not index'd completely until at least mid 1840/50s in some States, as the Colony was only some 53 years of age regarding white european settlement, and many of our early immigrants wandered off into the outback/bush and some births and deaths were just not recorded.

Cheers. Tony ( Victoria Australia )

A.V.R.I ( Australian Viatal Records BDM's ) 1788 - 1905
Vic.Pioneers BDM 1840-1888
Vic.Federation BDM 1889 -1901
Vic.Edwardian BDM 1902 - 1913
Vic.Great War.BDM 1914 - 1920
Vic.Marriages 1921 - 1942
Vic. Deaths 1921 - 1985
Melbourne directories 1857 - 1861
Victorian Death Inquest Index 1840 - 1985
NSW Pioneers 1788 - 1888
1828 census ..N.S.W ( mostly Convicts and a few free settlers )
Queensland Pioneers Index 1829 - 1889
South Australian Births Register 1842-1906
South Australian Births Register 1907 - 1926
South Australian Death Register 1842 - 1915
South Australian Marriages 1842 - 1916
South Australian Marriages 1917-1937
Western Australian Pioneer Index 1841 - 1905
Tasmanian Pioneer Index 1803 - 1899

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PostAuthor: MacPanda » Mon Jul 23, 2007 6:22 am

My missing Grandfather and thickest brickwall


born..Gympie 30/9/1893...Father: James Watson Campbell
.......................................Mother: Mary Ann Iland (Irland, Hand, Sland)
.........married: 2/12/1915 Gympie Qld Agnes Maud Nott
................................Children: Claris Maud Campbell/Churchill-Bateman

In 1923 when the marrage finished in separation the family was living at Church St., West End, Brisbane, Qld. His parents were living at Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Qld. Roy was working for the Queensland Government Railways as a fireman. The last record I have found is when he was still working for the railways but at the Cairns District but still a fireman in 1926.

Word of mouth has it that he was fired from the railways at some point but when I contacted Qld Rail Record Management Services the 1926 record is the last they had also. My grandmother was very bitter about Roy and never told a good story about him whilst I knew her and mum says that is the way it was from the day he left. Also mum was told a lot about him she now thinks was false, one of those things is that he was at Bribie Island for a time, this is why I was asking Ducky about the cemetery up her way.

Not much is it. Do you think you will be able to help at all?

Oh, one other thing. On British-Genealogy a lady called Kymbo found this record in NSW BDM:

Roy GILBERT (father James, Mother Fanny) died 1950 @ Newcastle

she was thinking on the lines of him changing his name and moving interstate. I have never followed this up just not sure how to go about it really. Don't really want to pay for a death cert if it is the wrong one. She thought he may have got a job in the NSW railway under this false name. I would be more inclined to get the death cert if the name was Roy Campbell Gilbert.

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PostAuthor: MacPanda » Mon Jul 23, 2007 10:35 am

Here you go Tone, siblings all born Gympie:

married 1906 to Edmund Brierley Smith (1 son )

MAUDE GERTRUDE(known as Gerti) CAMPBELL b.1879 d.1973 Bundaberg
married 1906 to Franz (Frank) Hubner (1 son 1 daughter)

ETHEL LAURA CAMPBELL b. 1881 d. 1961 Brisbane
married 1901 Charles Edgar Williamson (found 4 of 9 sons)

JAMES ARTHUR CAMPBELL b. 1883 d. 1892 (drowning) All 3 Gympie


other info:

ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL b. 1825 Glasgow d. 1895 Gympie
married 25/12/1848 Ann McGill b. 1827 Ireland d.? Glasgow
Ann Campbell died sometime between the census of 1851 Glasgow and 1861 Hulme Lancashire.

JAMES WATSON CAMPBELL b. 1849 Glasgow d. 1925 Brisbane buried Gympie
married 3/10/1874 [i]Mary Ann Iland
b. 1858 Wiggan d. 1936 Brisbane buried Gympie

Archibald and James emmigrated to Australia aboard the Fiery Star in 1865. This was The Black Ball Line Ship Fiery Star's last voyage to Australia as on its way home in 1866 it burned to the waterline.

I have Mary Ann Iland/Campbell's family but haven't got any further back with Archibald or Ann McGill/Campbell and James was an only child, which leads me to think Ann may have died with the next baby so working on her being pregnant in 1851 her possible death 1851/1852. Call it gut instinct.

I think that is all Tone...didn't realise just what a mess my paperwork was me know if you need anything else and pm me if you need my email addie....Thanks for this even if you hit the same wall as everyone else....I will just keep trying and hope I find something before mum passes on and finds out for herself.

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PostAuthor: MacPanda » Sun Aug 26, 2007 5:09 am

Tone was just thinking my Dad's older brother Joe - Arthur Joseph Churchill-Bateman went to Melbourne and lived in a defacto (as we call it now) relationship with Isabel Mary Ford and they had a son Christopher born 1948/49. Joe died in a bus wreck at Broadmeadows in 1965 and is buried in Fawkner Memorial Park (30/4/1965). I have never been able to find Christopher who could go by Christopher Churchill-Bateman or Christopher Churchill Bateman. Have you got access to electoral rolls at all? Christopher had a younger brother Peter William Churchill-Bateman (infant death) but born 1950 Hurstbridge.

I haven't found a death for Isabel Ford. Can I pick your brain with these two mate?

1. Christopher where are you?

Christopher Churchill-Bateman or Christopher Churchill Bateman.
born 1948/49.

2. Is there a death record for

Isabel Mary Ford b. 12/5/1913 Kew Melbourne
father: Paul Ford
Mother: Isabel Mitcell
she also had a brother Paul Ford
Army service number VF346960

Incase you need this:
Joe's Army service number is QX50072 (Q89682)
b. 14/8/1909 Liverpool UK
his legal wife's name was Ena May Quirke b. 21/5/1906 Brisbane
they married 27/10/1933 Bris. and died June 1976 buried South Brisbane Cemetery Dutton Park 8/6/1976

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PostAuthor: Tony Oz » Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:53 am

Hi Panda. Just a little info for starters.

Think this might be Isabel/Isobel, although the fathers name differs.
If they never married, then most likely died as a FORD
If Arthur joseph Churchill-Bateman was already deceased, then the informant who filled out Isabel's death cert. may not have known her fathers forename or mothers maiden name. ( possible. )
This was the closest i could find given her birth year ( 1913 ), and corresponding with her age at death. Its also possible she may have been know as Mary. As you know, many peeps used there second name as there known name. My own father was born Thomas raymond but was known through his life as Ray.......same as my mother b. Josephine lorna but called Lorna and still is. This Isabel mary or Mary isabel is not buried at main Cemetery ( Fawkner ) so could be buried at Boondarra ( Kew cemetery ) or Melb General. I will enquire further. If this is her, and dying in Kew ( born in Kew )......then its quite possible ( as a Widow ) she moved close to her brothers suburb Heid. ( Heidleberg ) Kew and Heidleberg are 10 -15 min drive apart.

Surname: FORD
Given Names: Mary Isabel
Father: Robert Albert
Mother: Isabel
Death Place: KEW
Age: 72
Age Code:
Year: 1984
Reg Number: 11198
Event: D

Surname: FORD
Given Names: Paul Arnold
Father: Paul Arnold
Mother: Isobel Mary MITCHELL
Death Place: HEID
Age: 54
Age Code:
Year: 1971
Reg Number: 8084
Event: D

Regarding Christopher Churchill - Bateman.
Preety sure going by his brothers ( Peter ) death entry in 1950. Peter's surname being registered as Bateman on death Index's. "Peter william Bateman"

So the clue here, would most likely be that Christopher would possibly be registered under Bateman ( like his brother ).
If he was born 1948/9 he would be same age as myself ( late 50s ) and possibly still living.... married.? with family.?

According to Victorian Telephone directories there are 21 C.Bateman living in Melb. metro area, with a few around the coast line of Victoria.
I have rung 8 of these C.Bateman so far, but they are Colin Bateman and Charles Bateman and one Chris Bateman ( female ). If you would prefer i didnt make contact with them...let me know. If you would like me to continue to ring or make contact....let me know also. Happy to do this for you. ... ?state=VIC

Looking through Electorol rolls i dont think would help much at the moment, as there are a number of C. Bateman's registered in Vic.
and one Chris Bateman.

Will make further enquiries and get back to you.
Do not go where the path may lead,go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

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PostAuthor: MacPanda » Sun Aug 26, 2007 11:32 am

Yes Tone know what you mean about using second name I do that myself.

Thank you for your help I have copied and pasted this into a text file for my Documents. Much appreciation.

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