Easy Lasagna...


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Easy Lasagna...

PostAuthor: Mary in Oz » Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:31 am

This is my recipe for a very easy Lasagna .. No real recipe is required ,,just follow the following instructions..

First make your favourite meat spaghetti Bolognese sauce...

Then on the bottom of a oven proof dish lay sheets of instant cook pasta to cover the bottom completely..

Then put a layer of your meat sauce,,,not to much as you have to divide it into as many layers as you are making..

Then sprinkle hand fulls of grated ,,,tasty cheese ..mozzarella cheese and ..and half a handful of,.parmesan cheese..

Then start the next layer as above..ending in a layer of the 3 cheeses..bake at around 180 until golden brown on top...

Serve with salad and more parmesan cheese..

( The parmesan cheese I use is the cheap version found in the supermarkets in little plastic packets hanging on the shelves near the pasta..)they give the best flavour ...

Happy eating.. :tt :tt :tt
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Easy Lasagna...

PostAuthor: JALimestone Plains » Sun Feb 22, 2009 12:12 pm

Mare how about your corned beef recipe? Badger loved it and now-cornes his own beef to boot :D
Spinach pie for people with coeliac disease (you wheat people can always use puff pastry to line the glass dish)

A big bunch of spinach or silverr beet - washed and steamed to just aldente or in mirco wave covered.

Leave to drain in colander or big sieve
Slice one large onion, peel a head of garlic (less if not keen on garlic but it will not taste the same)
put onion and garlic in small micro dish with a dessert spoon or so of olive oil and two teaspoons or more if you like dill taste of dried dill seeds - mirco wave for a minute or until onion is soft
In the meantime heat oven to 200 f

In a breville whizbang or the like put 6 large eggs and beat up until creamy.
Crumble into lumps 350 grms of fetta, add to egg mixture to a consistency you like fetta should be the size of two pin heads, add onions etc mix and when fetta is in dot pieces add the spinach and mix until spinach in in dot pieces, you can experiment and put the onion mixture in before adding the fetta and then the spinach -I do

pour into a big oval pirex dish and put in the oven for around 20 minutes - it is cooked when you touch the surface in the middle and it does not give

How is that for a cook by intuition recipe :lol: :lol: :lol:

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